And what if Ulysses, on his return from his time travel, had only found undecipherable scribbles, broken pieces, sombre and shifting landscapes, memories scratched like splinters (of his world and his life)? His own room has become hardly recognizable to him, with his television still switched on, the cooker, the window and his wife sleeping. A disturbing disorder has established itself all around in which eyes and ears seem in a constant state of waiting, as if they are prisoners of these fragments of a reality so gripping, obtuse, impossible to avoid and yet lying, fleeing, opaque. The spectator of the white she- camel than might have a premonition about what it means to be « a stranger in the world », like solitary weight, but also like tension of discovery, like desire to retrieve his past, like a longing to find a viable place.

Olivier Smolders


Prize Scam ( Belgian society of filmmakers ) Festival Filmer à tout prix, Brussels, Belgium
Special mention Festival Visions du Réel, Nyon – Switzerland
Special mention - Jeonju International Film Festival, South Korea

Technical data

Music & songs
Technical assistance
English translation
Xavier Christiaens with Sandrine Blaise
Xavier Christiaens
Xavier Christiaens
Xavier Christiaens
Xavier Christiaens
Michel Dutry, François Petit
Anoek De Smet and Jim seger
Ostrov (Belgium), Sandrine Blaise and Xavier Christiaens
Wallonie image production (Belgium), Christine Pireaux

Supported by ‘Brouillon d’un rêve’ - SCAM