BEYOND ICEBERGLAND - Statement of Intent

The purpose of the movie, is to make people think whether they live in reality or not, and to make them reflect on their own life.

Four characters live in a psychological and geographical enclave under a state of emergency. They can no longer open their mouth. The movie is without points of reference, for the spectator to hold his breath while the story unfolds. It’s a chronicle of four lifes in abeyance, isolated in a shared loneliness. Each character tries to preserve images inside himself, without the spectator really knowing whether these images belong to dream or memories or to both of them.
This film is not a nostalgic tale over the eternal vertigo between dream and reality but, on the contrary, a stimulating tale. It is a liberating time using daily life events, the film is questioning our ability to escape from a mesmerizing sleep, our ability to wake up.

The film has an ethic. I mean by that a consideration to others that indeed requires some work from the spectator but that gives him great freedom. This is way I kept some distance between the characters and the spectator in the way I shot the film and during editing.

I want the spectator to be amazed by the way the camera is able to use a delicate strength in order to keep awake the utopias’ watchers.
And this today more than ever, thanks to the digital media.